EUTM Mali | “What I want to do, my God, is to work tirelessly to ensure that these girls live well and are saved” Saint Vicente Maria
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“What I want to do, my God, is to work tirelessly to ensure that these girls live well and are saved” Saint Vicente Maria

We have started Spanish classes at the Foyer des Jeunes Filles Social Centre. When you know another language, you have more opportunities.

Our Spanish colleagues from EUTM Mali will organise Spanish classes every Tuesday and Thursday. The first day of the course was also attended by Brigadier General Santiago J. Fernández Ortiz-Repiso who is the 19th Force Commander of EUTM Mali. Good luck to all!

The Centre Social Foyer des Jeunes Filles is a shared housekeeping centre in Bamako (Mali), created and managed since 1998 by the Religious Sisters of Mary Immaculate – which hosts for one year approximately:

500 young girls who are looking for work
170 students at the vocational training centre in tailoring, pastry-making and hairdressing.
20 children in the crèche (sons of the pupils who are looked after when they are working or studying).
90 boarding students in the hostel

The girls come from remote villages to find work as domestic servants. They can neither read nor write, and sometimes they arrive without having seen an electric lamp. Every fortnight, 24 girls arrive at the centre. They are then trained and prepared to work as domestic workers.

Every year, more than 1,000 girls leave the centre ready to work.
After one or two years of work, the girls return to the centre and enrol in the Women’s Training Centre. There they learn a trade (cutting and sewing, hairdressing or pastry-making).

The Religious of Mary Immaculate are a religious Congregation of the Catholic Church, of pontifical right, founded by Saint Vicenta María López Vicuña, in Madrid, on 11 June 1876.

The Religious of Mary Immaculate carry the Gospel to four continents: Africa, America, Asia and Europe. They are present in 21 countries and in 123 communities that open their doors to young people from all over the world to offer them the Good News of the God of Life through gestures, words, welcome, guidance and service.