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EUTM Mali Mission
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E U R O P E A N  U N I O N  T R A I N I N G  M I S S I O N  M A L I

EUTM Mali constitutes the military pillar of the EU strategy in the country, which includes other fields such as political and humanitarian development. The mission was born in 2013 to respond to the need to strengthen the capabilities of the Malian Armed Forces, with the ultimate result being self-sustaining armed forces capable of contributing to the defence of their population and territory.

Since the approval of the Fifth Mandate in March 2020, the strategic objectives of the mission have been:

  • To contribute to the improvement of the capabilities of the Malian Armed Forces under the control of the political authorities
    • Consolidate the improvements achieved since 2013
    • Support the restoration of state control and the rule of law throughout Mali.
  • Support G5 Sahel, through the consolidation and improvement of the operational capabilities of its Joint Force, strengthening regional cooperation to address common security threats, especially terrorism and illegal trafficking, especially of human beings.

To achieve these objectives, EUTM Mali bases its activities on:

  • Advice at all levels to the Malian Armed Forces
  • Contribution to the improvement of the Military Education System, from schools to ministerial level
  • Advice and training to G5 Sahel Joint Force headquarters