EUTM Mali | Deployment
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D   E   P   L   O   Y   M   E   N   T

EUTM Mali operates throughout the yellow area which represents the Military Regions of Ségou, Kati, Kayes, Sévaré and Sikasso, as well as the southern bank of the Niger River in the 1st and 5th Military Regions and the cities of Gao and Timbuktu. It also includes the G5 Sahel Joint Force headquarters sector in Niger, Chad and Mauritania.



The capital of Mali hosts the Mission Headquarters (MFHQ) and the Advisory Task Force (ATF), a total deployment of about 150 people.



Koulikoro Training Camp (KTC), 60 km north-east of Bamako, is the centre of gravity of EUTM Mali’s deployment. This Malian army base concentrates more than 400 soldiers of the contingent, belonging to ETTF and the Force Protection units and national logistical support. It also houses the ROLE 2, the main medical treatment facility for the entire mission. In addition, KTC also contains an important part of the education and training activities carried out by EUTM Mali.



EUTM Mali’s activities take place throughout southern and central Mali up to the Niger River loop in the Military Regions of Gao and Timbuktu. Cities such as Sévaré, Kayes or Sikasso have hosted intensive activities, such as the CMATT, lasting several weeks, or more continuous activity, such as the support for military schools in Kati or Banankoro.