EUTM Mali | Mission Force Commander
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Mission Force Commander

Brigadier General João Boga Ribeiro

As I am assuming the honour and the privilege of the EUTM Mali Mission Force Commander duties, I would like to congratulate and greet, each and every one of EUTM members, for the outstanding achievements accomplished so far.

Since my early days of preparation, it has always been very clear to me, in every personal contact with the many EUTM officers, NCO, soldiers and civilian personnel, but also with the several partners involved in the joint effort to build better security, stability and development conditions for this extraordinary Malian people, the willingness and excellence of all parties involved.

All this is being built on fruitful, synergistic and competent collaboration, determination and perseverance, with well-proven results in the successive enhancement of the capacities and operational effectiveness of the FAMa and G5S JF.

Our mission will still presents us many demanding challenges, which I’m certain we will overcome, seeking every day, to find the most adequate answers, with dynamism, initiative and proficiency, consolidating and  improving the extraordinary work of our predecessors, also those women and men who have proudly served and are still serving within the EUTM.

We will achieve this, because we know the Malian people strong resolve and resilience, and their open spirit to welcome our support and collaboration, relying also on the finest synchronization efforts with all our partners, tirelessly working to find the best options, always in line with the intentions and needs of the Malian authorities, first and last objective of our presence here.

EUTM Mali comprises 28 different nations, clearly expressing Europe’s determination towards the stabilization of this most relevant Sahel area. 28 Nations working has one, to deliver coordinated advice, expertise and training, for the development of the Malian Armed and Security Forces, preparing the future, while providing support to face the present.

On est tous ensemble. »




Brigadier General João Pedro Boga Ribeiro is the 13th Commander of the EUTM Mali. His predecessor was Brigadier General Christian Habersatter  – June 2019 – December 2019


1982-1987: Joined the Portuguese Military Academy and the Portuguese Army as Infantry Officer

1988-1991: Instructor and Platoon Commander at the Infantry School and the Military Academy

1991-1993: Coy Commander at Funchal Infantry Regiment

1993-1997: Battalion and Coy Commander, Technical Studies Head and Instructor and the Infantry School

1997-1999: Attended the General Staff Course at the Portuguese Army War College

1999-2000: Training and Doctrine Commander Advisor

2000-2001: Deployed to KFOR as Operations Officer of Task Force DELTA/Multinational Brigade West

2001-2003: Professor at the Portuguese Army War College

2003-2006: Assigned as NATO Joint Force Command Naples J7 Division Staff Training Development and Policy and Programming Officer

2006-2008: Assigned as Army Military Adviser to the President of the Portuguese Republic

2008-2009: Infantry School Deputy Commander

2010-2011: Land Forces Commander Advisor

2011-2013: Infantry School Commanding Officer

2013-2014: Director of the Joint Staff Course and Military Science . Security and Defence – Master Degree

2014-2015: Attended the Flag Officers Promotion Course at the Portuguese Joint Military High Studies Institute

2015-2016: Military Academy Head of Studies, Planning, Evaluation and Quality Department

2016-2019: Army HQ Force Planning Division Head and Acting Army HQ Chief of Staff

2019: Mission Force Commander of the European Union Training Mission in Mali (since 12th December)