EUTM Mali | The EUTM MALI mission will continue its work with a focus on Bamako.
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The EUTM MALI mission will continue its work with a focus on Bamako.

The EUTM MALI mission held a military parade at the Boubacar Sada Sy Training Centre in Koulikoro to pay tribute to all those who have given their lives for Europe and for Mali over the past ten years. The deceased members of the Malian Armed Forces were also honoured. During the military formation, the traditional awarding of medals to the contingent personnel who have been deployed in Bamako and Koulikoro in recent months as part of the European Union’s commitment to Mali and its Armed Forces in this mission also took place.

The military ceremony was presided over by the commanding general of the EUTM force, accompanied by Colonel Issa Kaloga, head of the Boubacar Sada Sy Training Centre in Koulikoro. During his speech, the General underlined the mission’s continued contribution to improving security in Mali and the Sahel, as well as the EUTM mission’s commitment to continue working closely with all Malian authorities for the future of the country.

The General underlined the good relations and mutual respect between the European contingent and the Malian soldiers, stressing that “the Malian people can only justify their confidence in the Armed Forces by their professionalism and respect for human rights”. This is in line with recent declarations by the European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, encouraging the state and its security forces to fight without exception against impunity for any massive violation of human rights that may occur in the fight against terrorism.

The military training was emotionally charged, as this was the last official event to take place at Koulikoro Training Centre before the restructuring of the EUTM contingent at its facilities in Bamako at the beginning of June, where the mission will remain engaged with the Malian authorities and in permanent collaboration with its Armed Forces.