EUTM Mali | Reconnaissance to SÉVARÉ
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Reconnaissance to SÉVARÉ

Mopti-Sévaré 14-20 February 2021 – Recon of the regional team and the CIS (Communication and Information Systems) expert of the EUTM Advisory Task Force (ATF) at the 6th Military Region (6° RM) and at the Central Joint Command Post of Theater (PCIAT).

The ATF team presented itself to the Chiefs of the 6th MR, Colonel Traoré, and his Chief of Staff Colonel Koné. It also met with the Chief of the PCIAT Center, Colonel Kanté and his Chief of Operations, Colonel Diarra.

The purpose of this visit was twofold: to identify the training/advice opportunities that the regional team could provide to their Staffs and to review the installation and use of the C2OPS operational command software, an important tool for strengthening the operational capacity of the FAMa Staffs.

A relationship of trust was established quickly between the ATF team and the members of these Staffs.

This link was possible in part thanks to the close collaboration established by the EUTM Education and Training Task Force (ETTF), which is almost permanently present to train the new company level units in various specialties (infantry combat, artillery, first aid, etc.).

With this in mind, the ATF and ETTF will be able to strengthen and improve the operational capacity of the Malian army in the central region through a reliable and solid partnership.