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Before temporarily suspending all training activities on April 03rd 2020, EUTM Mali conducted a Topography Advanced Course for Officers and Non-commissioned Officers belonging to two different branches of the Malian Armed Forces (MaAF), the Army and National Guard, at the Koulikoro Training Camp. Initially planned as Topography Instructors Course, due to the temporary suspension of all training activities its duration was reduced. It was adapted for Topography Advanced Course and took place between 09th March and 03rd April 2020. The trainers from the Education and Training Task Force (ETTF) of EUTM Mali provided the Malian trainees with the requisite knowledge and instructional skills necessary to operate as topography instructors.

The course had the following training objectives: to provide students with the professional knowledge required to act as topography instructors; to develop the ability to deliver basic topography training; and to develop the ability to utilise the correct instructional approach and to ensure uniformity in content and procedures of topography instruction at unit level. Furthermore, the course also developed trainees to the required level so that they can effectively plan, co-ordinate, and execute topography training, at the squad and platoon level, by day and night. The course developed all students to be competent and efficient navigators by day and night, in all weather conditions, specifically for the conduct of military operations.

The trainees displayed great motivation during the fast-paced training that increased in intensity as the course progressed. In the final phase of the course, in line with EUTM Mali’s guidelines, the military adopted individual protection measures to prevent COVID-19 in Mali, thus contributing to the collective security of all stakeholders without compromising the success of this training. From April 3rd 2020, all EUTM Mali training activities have been temporarily suspended. This suspension is a necessary precaution in line with the best medical advice to ensure the safety of MaAF personnel, local Malians and EUTM Mali personnel against COVID-19. EUTM Mali keeps safety, maintains security levels, and continues to work towards preparing to resume, as soon as possible, our normal posture.