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By the end of this year, the beginning of the operational cycle, the Malian Armed Forces (MaAF) will need to train several new companies with personnel recently recruited. In November, EUTM Mali instructors observed and mentored the training of the first company in Sévaré, as the basis for the preparation of training the remaining companies.

The main goal of the training is to strengthen MaAF capability to plan and conduct military operations, and to improve MaAF companies training skills with a focus on military leaders.

A six-week training course has recently been delivered to another MaAF Company. Simultaneously, the Company Instructor Course was conducted to the benefit of the Malian military instructors. The entire block of training will last until the end of January. Besides the military training, recently recruited soldiers also received lectures on International Humanitarian Law, Human Rights and Gender awareness.

With the deployment of dozens of instructors, adequate force protection units and service support, this training in the remote area is becoming the most extensive decentralized activity in EUTM Mali history, with more than three hundred soldiers being trained between November and January 2021.

This reflects the new mandate approach, to train our partners closer to their area of operations and to be more flexible in their needs. Despite the ongoing restoration of the mission, force protection unit rotations, and increased hygiene measures related to a fight against COVID-19, EUTM Mali is fully implementing its mandate as expected.