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The Fusiliers Commandos de l’Air (FUSCO) mission is to guarantee the safety of the personnel, aircraft, equipment and infrastructure of the air base as well as airports during summits against potential attacks such as malicious acts, espionage and/or multiform terrorist action, but also to be first responders in the event of a fortuitous incident likely to create danger. EUTM Mali conducted a FUSCO Course for 32 Non-Commissioned Officers and Soldiers belonging to the Malian Air Force at the Koulikoro Training Camp. The course took place between 13January and 03 April 2020.

The 5 trainers from the Education and Training Task Force (ETTF) of EUTM Mali provided the Malian trainees with the knowledge and training to be capable of planning and executing the necessary requirements to perform Air Base Defence (ABD) security and to become responsible and competent combat leaders. The course had as training objectives to teach the trainees how to apply uniformity in content and procedures of ABD Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP’s), to develop the trainees understanding of the principles and characteristics of ABD and to identify ABD protective measures that should be incorporated into planning, command and control.

Furthermore, the course also intended to identify the elements, missions, and responsibilities of a Quick Reaction Force; to identify the elements, missions, and responsibilities of a Security Force; to develop standard operating procedures (SOPs); and to develop and enhance trainees’ basic combat skills. Additionally, the basic Counter Improvised Explosive Device (C-IED) TTP’s and procedures were introduced to trainees. Finally, they had the opportunity to develop leadership traits and characteristics.

The trainees displayed a great deal of motivation during the 12-week training that increased in intensity as the course progressed. In the final phase of the course, in line with EUTM Mali’s guidelines, the military adopted individual protection measures to prevent COVID19 in Mali, thus contributing to the collective security of all stakeholders without compromising the success of this training. EUTM Mali’s objective is always to assist our Malian Armed Forces colleagues to meet their operational needs through close co-operation in advising, training, and education.