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According to European Union (EU) Military Concept on Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency, the EU and its Member States promote investment in energy efficient and sustainable low carbon technologies. For the sake of consistency, but even more due to added value for the military, this approach should be maintained to the extent possible during EU-led military operation.

Therefore, the EU and the Troop Contributing Nations (TCNs) share a collective responsibility for the protection of the environment of the Host Nations (HNs). The designated Operation Commander (Op Cdr) or Mission Force Commander (MF Cdr) may negotiate Environmental Protection (EP) arrangements within the framework of the SOFA (Status of Forces Agreement) or any arrangement related to Host Nation Support.

EUTM Mali is aware of this subject and consequently collaborates in EP Policies and Sustainable Energy Efficiency. Thus, EUTM Mali has finished an 81,4kWp Hybrid PV plant on the Koulikoro Training Camp (KTC) within 4 months in order to convert the energy of sunlight into electrical energy.