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EUTM Mali conducted a Company Instructor Course (CIC) for Non-Commissioned Officers and Soldiers belonging to the Malian Armed Forces at the Koulikoro Training Camp. The course took place between 01 and 19 June 2020. Seven personnel from the Education and Training Task Force (ETTF) of EUTM Mali provided the trainees capabilities of instructing soldiers and small formations up to Company Size in the necessary basic tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) required to deploy on operations. The summary of subjects included Training Management, Pedagogy & Communication, International Humanitarian Law and the Teaching Process. This allowed for trainees to prepare and deliver lessons in the areas of Tactical Combat Casualty Care, Countering Improvised Explosives Devices & Weapons Handling on Shooting Range.

The CIC attendees will continue their phased training as part of their personal and professional development in becoming full time instructors for Pre-Deployment Training (PDT). These trainees have now finished Phase 2 of 4 and will continue with on the job training. PDT is a training program that aims to prepare units of Company level, before its deployment, aiming at an increase in operational efficiency.  

“The trainees displayed a great deal of motivation during the training that increased in intensity as the course progressed,” Commandant Desmond O’Reilly, course leader, explained. During the course, all personnel adopted individual protection measures to prevent COVID-19 in Mali, thus contributing to the collective security of all stakeholders without compromising the success of this course. EUTM Mali’s objective is always to assist our Malian Armed Forces colleagues to meet their operational needs through close co-operation in advising, training, and education.