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Practice makes perfect.

What was supposed to look like a normal workday at MF headquarters turned into a Base Defense Exercise.

This exercise had been announced in advance for security reasons. Nevertheless, when the siren blares, every soldier feels that sound going through the bone.

What to do was worked out in standard operating procedures and everyone had to make the effort beforehand to familiarize themselves with the procedures and actions to be taken.

Main effort was for the dedicated Czech Force Protection Teams. Meantime, key leaders staffed the Operations Center to steer main response and manage the incidents.

Casualty care and evacuation were among other simulated incidents.

The command attached great importance to this exercise. You never know. Better is to be prepared and hope an assault on the base will never take place.

The Deputy Commander, Col Boeddeker in his role of Exercise Director, after thanking the training audience for their dedication, reported at the end of the rehearsal to the Mission Force Commander Brigadier Gracia: “Mission accomplished. Now we will elaborate on the lessons identified.”

Preparedness is always the key to success.