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EUTM Mali, through its Advisory Task Force (ATF) Strategic Air Cell, planned and conducted an Aeronautical Tools Management course on 26th of November 2020. The course is an additional module on the Logistic and Air Storekeeper course, which was held between the 29th ofJune and the 3rd of July 2020. The course was conducted in the Sénou Air Force Base 101 facility. Eight Malian Armed Forces (MaAF) Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO’s) belonging to eight different Squadrons attended the course.

The main goal of the Aeronautical Tools Management course is to provide Malians Airmen NCO’s with the required knowledge to manage specific aeronautical tools.

Indeed, the use of aeronautical tools requires extreme caution in order to ensure a high level of air safety.

The course was divided in four major parts: general information regarding aeronautical tools, reference documents, good practice for aeronautical tool management and roles and tasks. This course will provide the knowledge Malian storekeepers require for inventorying tools and tool tracking procedures.

After this course, a long period of mentoring will follow, led by the ATF AIR Advisor. The aim of this mentoring process is to help MaAF to apply these new procedures, identity difficulties and provide them with advice. This mentoring process will also provide advice to squadron leaders, key management, in order that Squadrons can reach autonomy in few months.