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EUTM Mali conducted a 4×4 Maintenance Course for non-commissioned officers (NCOs) and soldiers belonging to the Malian Armed Forces (MaAF) at the Koulikoro Training Camp (KTC). The Course took place between the 2nd and 20th March 2020. The aim was to provide the selected MaAF trainees with the knowledge and skills needed to maintain and recover different types of vehicles.

The trainer from the Education and Training Task Force (ETTF) of EUTM Mali explained the basics of vehicles working and their main parts. He also provided trainees with knowledge to perform basic maintenance (changing liquids, belts, battery, bulbs, fuses replacement, adjust the generator belt tension, execute the lubrications), how to fix the more often technical failures and to perform the basic recovery tasks (changing tyres, traction with tow rope and tow rod).

Thus, the course had as training objectives: ensure an understanding of 4×4 vehicles workings and know the main parts of 4×4 vehicles. Ensure a standard knowledge of maintenance and recovery to enable trainees to conduct training effectively and safely. Most pertinently to provide knowledge and practical experience of the maintenance skills required to deliver training to student learners.

EUTM Mali continues to respond to the operational needs of the MaAF. It achieves this through the provision of training support for the benefit of the MaAF. This support covers training and advice on command and control, logistical chain and human resources, as well as training on International Humanitarian Law, protection of civilians and human rights.