EUTM Mali | Visit at the National Museum of Mali
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Visit at the National Museum of Mali

Visit at the National Museum of Mali

The National Museum of Mali has a large collection of 10,000 objects: mostly ethnographic, archeological or West African art objects. This collection is enriched by 40,000 photographs in black and white, 12,000 negatives, 500 audio recordings and 300 video recordings.
The National Museum of Mali is an archaeological and anthropological museum located in Bamako. It presents permanent and temporary exhibits on the history of Mali, as well as the musical instruments, dress, and ritual objects associated with Mali’s various ethnic groups. The museum has three sections of exhibition.

Textiles of Mali it’s the part that impressed the EUTM military the most: a 700 m2 exhibition of nearly 200 textiles dating from the 11th century to the present day. Through its diversity, the variety of motifs, materials and techniques, the long practice of Malian textiles is one of the major aspects of Mali’s heritage, whose invention and practice are always in motion.

Mali millennium: exhibition of archaeological discoveries made in Mali since the colonial era, including the beautiful terracotta pieces from Djenné and Thial.
Masterpieces of ritual art from Mali: ethnology was the main guide for the constitution of the colonial collection. The exhibition of Dogon, Bamanan and Senufo masterpieces also raises the issue of knowledge of the context of the objects and their links to history.

You can only know a nation if you know its history, where it comes from and respect it.