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How to visit EUTM Mali?

The procedure for accessing press accreditation to cover EUTM Mali events is detailed below:


1. Prior to the visit


All media activity within EUTM Mali must be accredited by EUTM Mali Public Affairs Office. Additionally, if the media visit involves any person, facility or activity belonging to Koulikoro Training Centre (KTC), an additional agreement of the MaAF will be required. In this case, due to the administrative procedures to be carried out, the deadlines indicated below must be scrupulously complied with. For both procedures it is necessary to fill in the accreditation form taking into account the following premises:

  • To send the accreditation form with a minimum of 25 days in advance.
  • To include ID or Passport detail of the journalists and the program to be followed during the visit.

In addition, it is mandatory to deliver the waiver declaration to the PAO cell before the beginning of the visit.


2. During the visit


Whenever a press visit wishes to cover EUTM activities, they must be accredited and escorted by the EUTM Mali Public Affairs Office (PAO). Journalists are not allowed to enter the Malian compound or to interview Malian soldiers without explicit authorization from PAO cell. No international or local journalist is allowed to enter within EUTM Mali compounds (Bamako MFHQ or KTC) without authorisation from the PAO. Malian journalists are allowed to enter KTC if agreed by the Malian Camp Commander. Journalists must ask permission prior to taking pictures of the European trainers. lt is forbidden to take pictures of the Special Forces trainers, except after specific authorisation from the PAO cell. As a general rule, journalists are not authorised to be accommodated in Koulikoro Training Camp facilities.


For any query or doubt, do not hesitate to contact the PAO cell. Go to CONTACT US page