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On the sixteenth of October, after four months in charge, Col. (OF5) Richard handed over the command of the Advisory Task Force to Col. (OF5) Chipot. The Change of Command was followed by a Medal Parade for EUTM Mali service members who have been serving... Malian Armed Forces soldiers participating in training.The trainees conduct a drill exercise in front of the camera with instructors of EUTM to show their skillset and operationability. ...

TRAIN THE TRAINERSThe objective of this course is to improve the ability of Malian commanders to instruct and train their soldiers and units during the preparation cycles. At the end of the course, they achieve new methodological and pedagogical techniques for the instruction of basic... EUTM instructors conducting "Casspir" Training with Malian Armed Forces soldiers at the Koulikoro Training Center.The trainees show skills and tactics that they learned during the course with a contact drill exercise in front of the camera. ...