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In the hot environment of Mali, a contracted company has managed to provide a facility that delivers a clean, sterile environment in which to treat and deal with patients. The facility maintains a fully air conditioned environment so that for both patients, staff and equipment are accommodated in a suitable environment. Located alongside the primary health care services at the Koulikoro Training Centre (KTC), it means that there is now a one-stop service for patients to be quickly seen by a specialist, have their dental care or see a primary care physician.

After 6 months of effort and planning, a new Hospital has been quickly built at the KTC to support the EUTM Mali. The facility has been funded through the Europe Union to replace the previous field medical facility and continues to provide the essential hospital services and primary medical support required for the military training forces in Mali as part of the training mission through a private contract, part of the multinational International SOS group who are experienced with the delivery in difficult environments of medical and hospital care.

The facility delivers a full spectrum of clinical services that are required in order to deliver emergency surgery and medical care for personnel. The equipment within the hospital is the latest state of the art clinical tools and diagnostic systems available, so providing a cutting edge diagnostic laboratory capabilities, ultra sound and digital X-ray providing information for accurate diagnosis and treatment. The clinical staff are all experienced and highly qualified in their respective fields and so able to operate within this tented and containerized complex comfortably. The equipment, people and information are all networked together with a 24/7 access to further specialist referrals across the globe. This facility is now integrated with the other EUTM medical assets and can work with both our armoured ambulances, and Super Puma MEDEVAC helicopters provided by another contracted company. In order to provide an integrated and coordinated approach to delivering appropriate patient care pathways.