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For the second time this year, the EUTM Mali planned, organised and conducted a Company level pre-deployment training (PDT) from 02nd until 27th March 2020. EUTM Mali shaped the training to the operational needs of the Malian Armed Forces (MaAF) through the provision of training support. The aim was to provide an organic MaAF Infantry Company (143 trainees) with the necessary preparation in tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP’s) required when deploying on operations, as well as providing support weapons crews with specialist training in their relevant weapon systems.

The Training Company was instructed for four weeks in four distinct phases by 19 trainers of the Education and Training Task Force (ETTF). During the first week, they provided the Malian trainees with the requisite skills and knowledge in individual and squad military training, which consisted of tactical combat casualty care, weapon handling and movement, C-IED, basic infantry tactics and command and leadership.

In week 2, The Training Company was divided in Infantry Platoons and Support Weapons Crews for the specialist/specific training. The Infantry Platoons practiced procedures regarding patrolling, ambush, counter-ambush, base defence, C-IED progression, topography, signals and basic infantry tactics progression. The Support Weapons Crews were trained in the handling and maintenance of heavy machine guns of different calibres and mortars.

In the third week, the training entered a new phase; the collective training with platoon level tasks. During this phase, the Training Company did navigation on foot and two shooting exercises, in TANABOUGOU and KALIFABOGOU, which included tactical platoon deployments.

Finally, during the fourth week, the Training Company practiced Company level tasks; patrolling, offensive operations, defensive operations, convoy, escort, counter-ambush, support weapons and base defense.

The trainees displayed great motivation during the fast-paced training that increased in intensity as the course progressed. On March 27st, the closing ceremony took place in KTC. This was a moment of pride for all: the instructors seeing the progress of the trainees, who received a certificate that testified that they had passed the training successfully.

EUTM Mali continues to respond to the operational needs of the MaAF through the provision of training support for the benefit of the MaAF and training and advice on command and control, the logistics chain and human resources, as well as training on International Humanitarian Law, protection of civilians and human rights.