EUTM Mali | Activity
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A   C   T   I   V   I   T   I   E   S

The accomplishment of the mission objectives is achieved through a set of activities and courses executed by EUTM Mali that can be divided into 3 branches: training, education and advice. This holistic approach aims to increase the capabilities of the Malian Armed Forces from a strategic, operational and tactical perspective.

The different courses and activities are delivered and led by specialised teams composed mainly of members of ETTF ( training and education) and ATF ( education and advice). The range of activities is wide and of varied duration depending on the objectives to be achieved: from intensive one-week activities to the monitoring of multiannual plans at strategic level.

The activities are either carried out centrally at Koulikoro Training Camp (KTC), the main base of ETTF, or directly at the bases, schools or institutions of the Malian army. In addition, since the approval of the Third Mandate, which ordered the implementation of decentralized activities in the Military Regions within the mission area, activities also reached bases in Gao, Kayes or Timbuktu.

Respect for human rights has been one of EUTM Mali’s main concerns since the start of the mission in 2013. This concern has been reflected in the management and planning institutions of the Malian army. However, during this Fourth Mandate, training activity in this field has been intensified by integrating in the International Humanitarian Law (IHL) modules a cadre of instructors which combine a civilian expert and military instructors and offers a more tailored package capable of influencing the perception of Malian soldiers.


A CMATT is a bespoke team designed with elements of the different EUTM Mali units with the objective of carrying out the activities of the mission, in an intensive way, in any of the 7 Military Regions that make up the mission area. For this purpose, it integrates personnel specialized in training, education and advice, force protection units, medical support and the necessary logistical support for the sustainment of CMATT personnel during the period of deployment.

The activities carried out last for a variable period of time that depends on the objectives to be achieved, being the usual deployment between 3 and 6 weeks.

Since its launch in 2016, 19 CMATTs have been conducted in 8 different locations throughout our mission area:

  • CMATT 01 – Ségou – 11 June – 15 July 2016
  • CMATT 02 – Kati – 24 October – 16 December 2016
  • CMATT 03 – Ségou – 13 February – 28 April 2017
  • CMATT 04 – Gao – 17 February – 13 March 2017
  • CMATT 05 – Sikasso – 22 May – 21 June 2017
  • CMATT 06 – Gao – 25 July – 23 August 2017
  • CMATT 07 – Timbuktu – 29 August – 18 September 2017

  • CMATT 08 – Kayes – 25 October – 17 November 2017
  • CMATT 09 – Sévaré – 26 November – 22 December 2017
  • CMATT 10 – Sikasso – 22 January – 03 March 2018
  • CMATT 11 – Kati – 03 April – 27 April 2018
  • CMATT 12 – Ségou – 04 June – 06 July 2018
  • CMATT 13 – Gao – 13 August – 31 August 2018
  • CMATT 14 – Kayes – 17 September – 19 October 2018
  • CMATT 15 – Timbuktu – 3 November – 23 November 2018
  • CMATT 16 – Kati – 14 January – 15 February 2019
  • CMATT 17 – Gao – 11 March – 5 April 2019
  • CMATT 18 – Ségou – 15 April – 10 May 2019
  • CMATT 19 – Timbuktu – 05 August – 23 August 2019



Training is the primary task of military units while they are not deployed in operations. The measure of a unit’s operativity is its level of training. For this reason, EUTM Mali provides:

  • Training courses for units of the Malian army, which enable them to perform their usual duties (FUSCO, ETIA, etc.).
  • Specific training courses on an individual basis that provide trainees with the necessary skills to perform a particular function or task (TACP, Sniper, etc.)

Among all the training courses and activities offered by EUTM Mali, the following are of particular importance:

Élément Tactique InterArmée – ETIA

This course is designed to train tactical sub-units (between 20 and 150 people) to execute the full spectrum of operations. This includes:

  • Command and control in tactical subgroup units
  • Execution of infantry fighting procedures at platoon level
  • Logistical support at tactical subgroup level


This course is designed for a unit of 50-75 Air Force soldiers to enable them to execute the defence of an air base complex. It includes contents such as planning and execution of the defence of an air base, acting as a Quick Reaction Force or basic shooting instruction.


This course is specially designed for officers and non-commissioned officers and enables them to plan and conduct different types of Close Air Support (CAS). There are 3 levels: Basic, Refresher and Instructor. It includes contents such as individual instruction, first aid, topography, CIED or signals.


This course is intended for officers, non-commissioned officers and troops and provides the necessary training in CIED techniques and procedures and explosives technical knowledge. There are 3 types of BMS courses: Basic, Specific for Engineers and Instructor.



The ability of an armed force to train its own personnel is a critical element for its effectiveness and autonomy. For this reason, EUTM Mali intends to support the Malian Armed Forces in the development of their training system at all levels, from ministerial level, through the advice of ATF cells, to the level of military schools, where the ETTF teams operate.

In this way, EUTM Mali staff complement the Malian educational system, in those fields which are necessary. This support is mainly materialised through the following actions:

  • ATF provides advice and support to the Malian Armed Forces for the generation of their own doctrinal body adapted to their needs.
  • ETTF directly provides training and support to instructors of the Malian Armed Forces in educational establishments.
  • ETTF provides educational courses to the Malian Armed Forces, taught by ETTF instructors. A sample of the variety of courses taught by EUTM is as follows:


This 17-week course is oriented towards the training of current and future company leaders of the Malian army. It is considered one of the basic pillars of the training provided by EUTM. It trains the trainees in company-type unit command, tactics, leadership, IHL, Human Rights or prevention of sexual violence in conflicts.


The objective of this course is to improve the ability of Malian commanders to instruct and train their soldiers and units during the preparation cycles. At the end of the course, they achieve new methodological and pedagogical techniques for the instruction of basic military skills and the handling of weapons.



EUTM Mali, through ATF, provides advice at the strategic and operational level to the Ministry of Defence, the Malian Armed Forces authorities and the headquarters of the Military Regions and the G5 Sahel Joint Force in order to support both the implementation of structural reforms adapted to their needs and the evaluation of the development of the reform.

The French-speaking military advisors share their expertise with their Malian counterparts in fields such as human resources management, logistics, intelligence, operations, information systems, finance and planning. The following activities are representative of the advisory activity provided by EUTM Mali:


ATF advisors are supporting the drafting of this document which sets out the objectives of the Ministry of Defence (MINDAC) in terms of operational capabilities for the period 2020-2024. This document has a dual objective: it prioritises the needs and justifies the economic resources that will ultimately be required by the LOPM and, secondly, it reviews the framework of competencies of each of the different subdirectorates of MINDAC in the 2020-2024 period.


The EU is the main international partner of the G5 Sahel (G5S), providing political and institutional support and supporting the development of the military capabilities of the G5S Joint Force. In this framework, EUTM Mali and especially the G5S cell of ATF, provides strategic advice, military training at tactical and operational level and constitutes the main receptor of G5S Joint Force requests to the EU.


As part of its financial advisory activity, EUTM Mali advises the MINDAC authorities on the implementation of LOPM 2014-2019, which is the fundamental rule for the distribution of economic resources at ministerial level. It also participates in the development and implementation of financial monitoring and control tools, in the drafting of legislation and, finally, in the preparation of the LOPM 2020-2024.


CBSD projects, implemented in coordination with other actors, enable the Malian Armed Forces to develop new operational capabilities in a short period of time. One example is the rehabilitation of Mopti-Sévaré airport. EUTM provides its expertise to MINUSMA and EUCAP for the improvement of the airport security infrastructure and collaborates in the management of the project as a whole.


The C2OPS system is an operational command and control management system for the Malian Armed Forces that will connect all the Operations Centres of the Military Regions with the Headquarters in Bamako. This project deploys CIS means (such as the information system, video-conferencing, etc.) allowing the Malian Armed Forces to have real-time control of the battle space.