Press release - EUTM Mali
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Press release

  • Koulikoro Training Centre (KTC) was attacked by unknown elements during the night from the 23rd to 24th February 2019 about three o’clock in the morning
  • In the attack 2 vehicles, loaded with explosives, as well as dismounted elements were involved
  • The attackers opened fire and tried to breach the main gate (south entrance) of Koulikoro Training Centre, but were stopped by Force Protection elements
  • One of the two vehicles burned down after being stopped at the main gate, and the second one exploded
  • Three Malian soldiers were wounded, and brought to ROLE 2 for further treatment
  • Koulikoro Training Centre was set to high alert status and manned its defensive positions
  • No EUTM Mali personnel were injured
  • All three Malian soldiers have been discharged from ROLE 2
  • We wish the three wounded Malian soldiers a speedy recovery
  • The number of killed attackers is under investigation