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Voleyball, a way to reinforce friendship between EUTM-Mali and MaAF - EUTM Mali
Voleyball, a way to reinforce friendship between EUTM-Mali and MaAF
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Voleyball, a way to reinforce friendship between EUTM-Mali and MaAF

Playing sports is an important activity in all armies of the world and one of its advantages is to improve friendship between the people from different countries.

On the 30rd of March, a friendly volleyball match between a MaAF team and a EUTM-Mali team took place in the EUTM Mali Headquarters in Bamako. (MFHQ EUTM Mali).

The EUTM Mali’s team was formed by personnel from the Military Headquarters, Advisory Task Force and Force Protection Company. This included players from eight nationalities (Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain). In the Malian side we could find players from the EMGA (Etat Major Général Interarmées) and the Military Sports Directorate of the MaAF.

The match organized between EUTM Mali and the EMGA had the intention of improving the cohesion, the already excellent relationship between the two institutions and the links among its personnel.

MaAF won the match. After the finishing the initial match, two more sets were played but, this time, the teams were mixed in order to have three Malian and three EUTM members in each side of the net, which demonstrated an excellent fellowship between both teams. The amusement continued for more than one hour and a half and finished in a joint meal at the EUTM MFHQ mess, where the Malian participants were awarded with a memory stick with videos and pictures of the event.

The event was chaired by Colonel Major Abdulaye Cisse, EMGA Operations chief, representing the Chief of EMGA, and Colonel Busch, Deputy Commander of EUTM-Mali representing the MFCdr. EUTM Mali Chief of Staff, Colonel Pardo, was also present (and providing guidance).