The first CMATT in the Province of Kayes ends successfully. - EUTM Mali
The first CMATT in the Province of Kayes ends successfully.
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The first CMATT in the Province of Kayes ends successfully.

From October 25th until November 17th, the Advisory Task Force (ATF) of the European Union Training Mission (EUTM) organised, for the eighth time, a training course for Malian officers. This time, however, was the first time EUTM ventured out to the region of KAYES. This type of training course stands out because it is conducted in the Military Regions, in the unit’s garrison. This is the training concept of the Combined Mobile Advisory and Training Team (CMATT) typical for EUTM’s Mandate. This stage marks the transition from centralised trainings to a decentralised training concept, enabling the Malian military to be completely autonomous as far as training is concerned.

Every course organised by EUTM Mali is always tailored to the needs of the Malian military. This particular course lasted 3 weeks and a half. During which eleven officers of the 4th Military Region of KAYES participated in different courses and exercises. The aim was to improve the planning capabilities and the ability to conduct military operations. The various courses meant to support the officers who have served and will serve with the SIGUI Battle Group (BG), the Sigui (buffalo in Bambara) being the symbol of KAYES. The course was set out in four parts: a first part sought to revise the theory of Malian doctrine, a second one aimed at teaching the military decision making process, a third part consisted of a coached exercise and finally a comprehensive exercise. In addition, courses dealing with Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (IHL) were taught by specialist staff, namely by the ICRC in Mali.

This CMATT was also beneficial for the European instructors who, they too, were able to discuss and learn from these very experienced Malian officers.