EUTM Mali | "Knowledge Control Cell", the new asset for Bamako-Senou´s Airport.
"Knowledge Control Cell", the new asset for Bamako-Senou´s Airport.
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“Knowledge Control Cell”, the new asset for Bamako-Senou´s Airport

At Air Base 101 at Bamako Sénou a new aeronautical service has just been created – the Knowledge Control Cell.

The Knowledge Control Cell is responsible for planning and coordinating the training for specialist mechanics of all aircraft types. It was established with the help of EUTM Mali’s Advisory Task Force (ATF).

On 6 December 2017, the Cell organised a theoretical training session on fire safety. Two firefighters from the base were asked to give a presentation about aircraft maintenance to personnel from all Squadrons, with a specific focus on how to fight fires, including during take-off and landing, as well as advice on how to handle emergency procedures. Participation was excellent, and audience interest was maintained throughout.

On the advice of EUTM, for continuation training a further theoretical and practical session was organized for 13 December 2017 with the help of another firefighter from the air base. This provided an opportunity to learn about the different classes of fire, the fire triangle, as well as the relevant fire prevention and intervention measures. In addition, the distribution of fire extinguishers within the maintenance hangars was explained. A practical demonstration of fire extinguisher handling was also provided at this session, which was well received. Everyone went home fully in the knowledge that ‘fire safety is everyone’s business!’

These two sessions have shown the ability of the Knowledge Control Cell to organise and deliver training independently, after only a few weeks of support by EUTM.

The next training session scheduled will be a fire evacuation exercise.