FUSCO course, training the Malian Air Force in airbase security - EUTM Mali
FUSCO course, training the Malian Air Force in airbase security
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FUSCO course, training the Malian Air Force in airbase security

The “Fusilier de combat”  (FUSCO) course took place over 12 weeks, with the first 10 weeks  in Koulikoro Training Center (KTC) and the remaining 2  weeks conducted in the Malian Air Force Base at Senou close to the Bamako Airport.  The course was designed to teach Malian Airforce personnel the basic skills required to secure and protect an Airforce base.  Training was attended by 74 personnel who came from  the 4 main Malian Air Bases and one NCO appointed in a Malian Air Force Protection Company. The instruction was provided by 12 ETTF trainers through the three months long course.

All the basic skills required to provide security to an Air Base were taught, including squad maneuvers, counter improvised explosive devices (IEDs) techniques, radio procedures, self-defense, access controls, vehicle search, check points, patrols and other procedures required to guarantee the protection of key facilities such as an airport or an airbase.

As all the courses organized by EUTM Mali, the training program also included leadership instruction and International Humanitarian Law (IHL) lessons.

The culmination of the course was an exercise conducted to challenge the students and test their new skills in a variety of different situations that they may face in their future appointments. The exercise carried out next to Bamako Airport to add realism and was considered to be a great success by the instructors and the students themselves.

The course finished with a Closing Ceremony where the attendees were awarded with a Course Certificated, given by the ETTF’s Commander Colonel Olazabal.