EUTM Mali | EUTM Mali’s advisory task force
EUTM Mali’s advisory task force
EUTM, Mali, advisory
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EUTM Mali’s advisory task force

EUTM Mali’s Advisory Task Force (ATF) provides advice at both strategic and regional level, to the Ministry of Defence, Malian Armed Forces (MaAF) authorities and to military headquarters in the military regions. French-speaking, multi-disciplinary, military advisors share their experience and expertise with their Malian counterparts in the domains of human resources management, logistics, intelligence, conduct of operations, information systems, finances and planning. Recently ATF started the implementation of the SILOG project (Logistics Information System), a new computer project developed by TERISYS in close collaboration with the MaAF and with the assistance of the logistical advisers of EUTM Mali. It will enable the MaAF to carry out electronic monitoring of the logistic resources in the future.