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EUTM-Mali finishes its 6th Company Command Course at Koulikoro Training Centre - EUTM Mali
EUTM-Mali finishes its 6th Company Command Course at Koulikoro Training Centre
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EUTM-Mali finishes its 6th Company Command Course at Koulikoro Training Centre

With the purpose of providing instruction in the basic tactics, principles and techniques required for commanding a company level unit, EUTM Mali has now delivered its 6th Company Command Course (CCC6) at the Koulikoro Training Centre (KTC) to the Malian Armed Forces (MaAF).

During this course, which lasted almost 12 weeks, 20 junior officers were trained, educated and prepared for their current and future duties as company commanders. The course took place within KTC and the surrounding training areas. Theoretical and practical lessons were included.

A key part of the training was leadership. The importance of leading by demonstrating a good example and sharing hardships and deprivation with subordinates was stressed throughout the course.

The course graduates, all future company commanders, will be able to operate within a GTIA-SGTIA (Groupement Tactique Interarmes et Sous-Groupement Tactique Interarmes) or an equivalent military formation.

Important subjects covered during the course were tactics (Offensive, Defensive and Stabilization modules, theoretical and practical), ETIA/GTIA organization and administration, weapons systems, methodology and pedagogy, intelligence (military intelligence, the intelligence cycle), C-IED, topography and the organization of live shooting exercises.

The newly graduated officers now understand the requirement for close cooperation with the Malian civil authorities and local population, and are able to apply the provisions of International Human Law (IHL) as an integral part of their company commander duties.

CCC6 finished with a closing ceremony, where those company commanders who successfully finished the course received a certificate to honour their efforts. These certificates were given by the Education and Training Task Force (ETTF) Commander, OF5 Olazabal.