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Donation of ambulances to the Malian Armed Forces - EUTM Mali
Donation of ambulances to the Malian Armed Forces
EUTM, Mali
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Donation of ambulances to the Malian Armed Forces

Germany supports Mali sustainably. In October, Germany handed over 17 fully-equipped ambulances to the Malian forces with a so-called Contribution Agreement.

The Malian army is currently operating very strong in the north of Mali. With this agreement the medical care of the Malian soldiers will be significantly improved.

The Toyota Landcruiser ambulances are also equipped with additional medical equipment. Spare parts and training courses for the future drivers will ensure the long term success.

The German ambassador to Mali, Dietrich Becker, expressed the gesture as part of the deep friendship between Mali and Germany.

In the future, the medical capabilities of the Malian armed forces will be improved. Becker is sure: “We will save lives”.