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Basic Military Search (BMS) Course at Koulikoro Training Centre - EUTM Mali
Basic Military Search (BMS) Course at Koulikoro Training Centre
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Basic Military Search (BMS) Course at Koulikoro Training Centre

The Improvised Explosive Device (IED) is one the most lethal and commonly used tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP) employed by terrorist armed groups worldwide.  These handmade explosives are one of the biggest threats that today’s armies have to face, and are responsible for most of the casualties, both military and civilian, that occur in Mali.

A Basic Military Search (BMS) course was recently conducted at Koulikoro Training Centre.  Its aim was to provide Malian Armed Forces personnel with a start up knowedge in basic Counter IED procedures, possible IED sites identification and IED attack prevention.

The BMS course lasted for 5 days.  Trainees were taught the elementary components of an IED, how to detect an IED, how to identify the most likely and vulnerable points where an IED could be planted, and how to react against an IED attack.

Practice makes perfect, and the course finished with an exercise which provided all trainees with the opportunity to put into practice the brand new skills which they had gained.

The course was a great step forward for the EUTM Mali Education and Training Task Force (ETTF) towards accomplishing its Mission, and saw the ETTF working shoulder to shoulder with the Malian Armed Forces to enhance their ability to counter the prevailing IED threat within Mali.