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After nine weeks, the Mortar Course concludes successfully - EUTM Mali
After nine weeks, the Mortar Course concludes successfully
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After nine weeks, the Mortar Course concludes successfully

The closing ceremony of the Mortar Course has taken place recently in Koulikoro Training Center (KTC). During this event, the students received their well-deserved diploma which certifies the finalization of this course. With this military act concludes a 9-weeks course that has been quite demanding, for both students and instructors.

A total of six EUTM Mali instructors, whose commitment, enthusiasm and professionalism have marked the character of this course and have made it one of the most successful courses taught by the Education and Training Task Force (ETTF).

Intensive days in the training field, combining theory and fundamental practice, have been the key for getting the students to reach the required level. The motivation and enthusiasm of the students are the best indicator of how valuable this course has been.

The course finished with a live-firing exercise, conducted on the Kalifabougou shooting range (near Bamako), where all the knowledge acquired by the students was put into practice under the careful and scrupulous supervision of the instructors.