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143 soldiers completed all modules of the “Element Tactique Inter-Armes (ETIA)” course - EUTM Mali
143 soldiers completed all modules of the “Element Tactique Inter-Armes (ETIA)” course.
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143 soldiers completed all modules of the “Element Tactique Inter-Armes (ETIA)” course

The “Element Tactique Inter-Armes (ETIA)” course concluded this week at Koulikoro Training Centre (KTC). 143 soldiers completed all modules of the course. Not without blood, sweat and tears, however.

For twelve weeks, they covered the full spectrum of Infantry tactics, techniques and procedures. A company of officers, Non Commissioned Officers (NCOs) and soldiers trained in improving their infantry skills. In addition, combat shooting, counter improvised explosive devices (C-IED) technics and military operations in urban terrain (MOUT), international humanitarian law (IHL) and leadership were also on the menu.

This training, given by the Education and Training Task Force (ETTF), enables the officers and NCOs of the Malian Armed Forces (MaAF) to prepare, conduct and evaluate the training of their own soldiers. This was set as a prerequisite in order to support future independent training to improve MaAF operational capability.

The programme focused on increasing the skills of the students in an incremental manner so as to ensure that squad and platoon leaders developed the mandatory skills and capabilities to lead and support their troops. Concurrent training during all stages ensured that the individual requirements of the Officers, NCOs and soldiers were met along with the identified training objectives and learning outcomes for the course.

The students responded positively to all aspects of the training and were eager to progress and further their existing knowledge and experiences. The ETTF commander and senior MaAF officials presented the successful candidates with their certificates during the closing ceremony at KTC. The programme was delivered by 25 EUTM trainers throughout the period and once again highlighted the positive, professional and close relationship that exists between EUTM Mali and MaAF.